• "Gallo's stories document our lives out there, unvarnished truth without the hype. Sometimes they're brutal, sometimes so sensitive even the toughest cops bawl like babies. She tells the real police story. If you want to know what it's like behind the badge, this is it."

    Lt. Dennis Banahan
    Chicago Police Dept., Violent Crimes Division,
    author of THRESHOLD OF PAIN


  • "An intimate tour of the mean streets of Chicago. From the heart-stopping suspense of undercover work to the hilarious gallows humor of Chicago's 'Insane Fish,' Gallo paints a powerful portrait of the city and its protectors. Not to be missed by anyone interested in the world of cops and crime."

    Matt Witten, scriptwriter for NBC's Law & Order,
    and author of GRAND DELUSION


  • "Gina Gallo takes us on a scintillating walk along Chicago's dark streets. Don't expect the usual bullshit Hollywood version of police officers. Gallo's cops are as real as fresh blood on a tenement floor, as chilling as out-gunned undercover cops in a deadly shootout, as sexy as a woman who could 'jump-start a dead man.'

    If you want to know how cops feel, what they think, what they really go through on a daily (and nightly) basis, buy this book."

    O'Neil De Noux, Homicide Detective-turned writer, author of the LaStanza series of New Orleans crime novels and the true-crime book, SPECIFIC INTENT.


  • "Stepping onto the street as a cop is risky business, and the most important thing you carry with you is your 'attitude.' Gallo's got the 'tude and the whole rest of the shebang together in her writing. She tells the truth about the job and what it's like being a woman doing it. I hope to swap scenes with Gallo sometime."

    Lynda Sue Cooper, former Colorado police officer and author of TRUE BLUE, AN INSIDER'S GUIDE TO STREET COPS


  • "Gina Gallo's unwavering voice, bubbling from the hellish underground of criminality, reminds us just how much we owe to law enforcement. We wouldn't want to be in Gallo's shoes, but glomming on to the details secondhand is riveting."

    G. Miki Hayden, Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine, author