You've seen it before. Usually on the evening news film clip where yet
another heinous crime has just been committed. Possibly in your nightmares. Those dark gritty streets where danger lurks in every shadow are the same that Chicago cop Gina Gallo has patrolled since 1982. She learned her night moves on the city's tough West Side where gangs rule, narcotics and guns dominate the street economy, and violent crimes are always just a shriek away.

With a fresh voice and unflinchingly honest perspective, this cop-turned-author delivers the real deal - blistering stories of life on
those tough streets. Whether told from her cop's-eye view, or that of the victims and criminals she encountered, Gina's stories are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious, always unforgettable.

Gina's columns are a regular feature of  The (check out their Spotlight on Gina Gallo) She is also a featured writer for NYCOP Online . As a professional writer for more than ten years, her stories have appeared in police-oriented and mainstream magazines both nationally and abroad.

A Chicago native who's loyal to her South side roots, Gina has also lived in New York and Honolulu and now resides on the Left Coast.. Prior to her police career, she prepared for a life of crime fighting by working as a roller-skating waitress in a Waikiki piano bar, as a stained glass muralist in NYC and a designer of floral exhibits. She prefers story telling to smoking guns but is equally adept at both.

Gina is a member of Mystery Writers of America,
Sisters-In-Crime, and The International Association of Crime Writers.

Gina Gallo Gina on the job